Las cervezas favoritas del equipo de Food and Wine en español

El Día Mundial de la Cerveza está por comenzar y el equipo de Food and Wine en español se dio a la tarea de enlistar sus favoritas. ¿Cuál se te antoja más?

Fernanda Castro – Coeditora web

Blue Moon

? #bluemoonbeer

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Sasha Gamboa– Content Manager


Are you also enjoying our beers in the sun right now? Sharing is caring #lambicbeer #kriek #lindemans

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Mary Gaby Hubard– Editora web

Stella Artois

Shadia Asencio– Coeditora print

Beer Geek breakfast

In the infant years of @mikkellerbeer, @mikkelbjergso’s sense of quality and refinement brought his brewing techniques to new heights. After experiencing a bland taste in his oatmeal stout, he turned to @alesmithbrewing for inspiration. Their method of adding coffee from a French press was the tipping point for the ‘Beer Geek Breakfast’. In fact, it even changed the overall future for Mikkeller. In 2006, it won the award for best stout in the world on RateBeer, while Mikkeller was positioned as the 37th best microbrewery out of a total of 5,836. These events worked as a career catalyst for Mikkel, who now exports beer to at least 40 different countries and is internationally acclaimed as one of the most innovative and cutting-edge brewers in the world. During recent years, Mikkeller has also opened breweries in San Diego (@mikkellersd), New York ( and South Africa (@mikkellerza) plus several bars across the planet including Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul, San Francisco, New York, Berlin, and Tórshavn, just to name a few. Pours pitch black with a thin beige/brown head. Aroma is coffee, roasted malts and some chocolate. Taste is coffee or mocha, roasted malts, smoky notes and a hint of chocolate. Incredibly well-balanced long-lasting finish with roasted bitterness. 7.5% ABV. Rate: 9/10. #mikkeller #beergeekbreakfast #stout #beerphoto #beertime #beergasm #beerenthusiast #beerpic #beerlife #beertime #craftbeer #craftbrew #beerme #beergeek #beernerd #beersnob #beerlove #beerlover #ratebeer #craftbeerlover #beertasting #craftnotcrap #craftbeernotcrapbeer #beerporn #craftbeerporn #beerstagram #beersofinstagram #beertography #instabeer #mitaarhus

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David Flores– Director de Arte

Irreverente White Stout

Paulina Gutierrez– Redactora

Acapulco Golden Lager

Acapulco Golden #hechoenmexico #Cdmx #Acapulcogolden #Beer #cervezaartesanal

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Loredana Flores– Community Manager

Monstruo de agua– Hoja de higo